Alumni Groups


In the early days of Bretton Hall as an educational institution,  one of the annual rituals was that of the formal, whole-group photograph of students and academic staff.  It’s not clear when this ceremonial occasion came to an end, but, as numbers increased, the group photographs became too cumbersome.

The earliest photograph, taken in summer 1950, shows the first batch of students who joined the College in September, 1949.

When alumni become aware of the few images currently available,  perhaps more group photographs will emerge from almost forgotten collections.   If you have an image to donate, please inform us through the contact page.

Tony Rigby.

The following photographs are arranged in such a way that it is possible to zoom in and out for greater detail.
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1950   Group Photograph

1950 – Photograph supplied by Dorothy Morris (nee Cropper)   –  Music    1949-51


1955  Group Photograph

1955 – Source unknown  –  (photograph discovered in a cupboard)

1957  Group Photograph

 1957 – Photograph supplied by Shelagh Johnson (nee Allan)   –  Art    1956-58

1958   Group Photograph

 1958 – Photograph supplied by Donald Craig – Art   1957-59

1959   Group Photograph

1959 – Photograph supplied by David Wigley  –  Music 1958-60

 1960  Group Photograph

1960 – Photograph supplied by David Wigley   –  Music   1958-60

 1961  Group Photograph

1961 – Photograph supplied by Gilian May (nee Green)  –  Drama    1960-63

1962  Group Photograph

1962 – Photograph supplied by Carol Broom (nee Stirrup)   –  Mathematics   1961-64

1963  Group Photograph

1963 – Photograph supplied by Gilian May (nee Green)   –  Drama     1960-63

1964  Group Photograph

1964 – Photograph supplied by Carol Broom  (nee Stirrup)   –  Mathematics     1961-64

1967   Group Photograph

1967 – Photograph supplied by Pamela Williams (nee Dermott)   –  Art     1966-69