1956-58 — Crimlisk

The Photographic Collection of Tony Crimlisk 


After National Service in the RAF as a radar mechanic (1953-55), Tony Crimlisk trained at Bretton Hall from 1956-58, and followed this up with a year’s training at the Trinity College of Music in London.

After seeing the Bretton Hall website early in 2015, he sent a CD of images from his days at Bretton in the 1950s.  An extract from his accompanying letter is displayed below.



"… Enclosed is a CD of Bretton photos from the years 1956-8.  I can’t be certain about the exact year for each photo, but I got a letter telling me that I had been accepted for Bretton on Sept 18th 1956 and term started the following day – obviously it was a near thing and I was only narrowly accepted!   In September 1958 I started a supplementary year at Trinity College of Music, London so all the photos are within that time frame.

"We lived of course in the house.  In the second year I shared the King Henry VIII room with Michael (later Inigo) Jackson and Brian Baines (later Yorkshire TV presenter.)  Best friend was Liz Horner – believe it or not (although I was 21) she was also my first ever girlfriend  –  I’d of course been in National Service for two years. 

"In year two it was Peter White with whom I started the Camera Club and who was Best Man at my wedding to Gill Davies, who was in Peter’s year at Bretton, although I didn’t know her until we accidentally met at the 21st birthday party of another Bretton student, Sybil Chambers, in London in 1961.   Small world!

"Obviously many of the photos will be unsuitable but you might as well have them all.  I did wonder about the one where I am impersonating Tarzan!  My wife, however, thought I should include it as it shows a different side to college!  I think we were rehearsing a sketch  –  or maybe we were just fooling around."


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