1968-71 – Liam Arthurs

Liam Arthurs

1968-1971 Art

“I did the job of teacher in various countries and in various languages ’til 1989.   I can say, I admire teachers and I can say, I never want to be one again.   Thanks, Bretton Hall!   You were my Harley Davidson kickstart!     A bloody good kick, and then I was started!”

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Liam Arthurs’ detailed summary of his thoughts and feelings about Bretton Hall provides controversy and stimulus for thought.   He examines what he considers the good and bad aspects of life as a student at Bretton, and he successfully conveys a student’s confusion, fears and attempts to cope.   Liam’s reminiscence deliberately provides no conclusion, but, without saying as much, invites the reader to answer the question:  ‘What did it all mean?’

This is compelling reading!

To read Liam's Reminiscence, Click on the following link.

Reminiscence of Liam Arthurs