1983 to 1988 Andrew Komosa

Andrew Komosa with secretary

(but took 1986 off because I lost my eyesight due to diabetes)

I lived in Grasshopper block in 1983/4 and returned in 1987/8 to complete my B.Ed. degree.  If you google my name, you’ll find numerous articles about me, (http://ukga.com/article/view.cfm?contentId=3520) including mention of my as a teacher, former student at Bretton Hall.  Perhaps a link to that article would be suitable for your site?

I’ve attached a photo of myself at work, with my rather attractive secretary (so I’m told)…!

I think my fondest memory is playing hide and seek in the mansion during Xmas 1983.. they never found me behind all the art canvases!    I could go on, but did you know Enid Blyton’s niece Kath Blyton studied English there between 1983 and 1986.  She was really beautiful I recall.