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•   "The 1949 intake comprised fifty-six students.  We were a motley group:  school leavers, National Service men, mature students, recent graduates,  all teacher-training applicants,  but we jelled as a family."

•   "1949 was still a time of rationing so we all brought our ration books. I remember being always hungry!"

   "In those early days after our arrival we were informed that an important cultural role had been reserved for us in the post-war world.  (1949)"

   "Bretton life was technicolour because I was in love with the building, the countryside and my fellow students."  -  (1958)

•   "We skated, and fell on the frozen lakes and when we drilled into the ice sheet, it measured nine inches."  -  (1963)

  "Bretton Hall meant so much to me.  I left the area in 1989, but whenever I see the mast at Emley Moor it still feels like coming home."  (1989)

   "In our first year everything was new, and after our first Open Day (when everybody had to be a performer, chair-mover, host    and dishwasher simultaneously), we sat down exhausted but triumphant, to feel that we really had become a community. "                                                                                                                                                                                   (Recollection by Daphne Bird in 1964.)


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Dorothy Morris  (née Cropper)    1949-51

Fred Sumner    1949-51

Leslie Burtenshaw    1949-51

      Heather Watkinson   1949-51

Paul Gandy    1951-53

Shelagh Johnson (née Allen)    1956-58

David Wigley    1958-60

Freda Morgan    1958-60

Idris Rees    1959-61

Janet Deakin (née Dawson)   1960-63

Michael Talbot    1961-64

Malcolm Bentley   1963-66

Ken Stott    1963-66

Peter Castle    1965-68

Aureol van Someren    1966-69

Alan Parker    1968-71

David Tandy    1968-71

 Hilary Roper    1968-71

Jim Gordon    1968-71

Liam Arthurs    1968-71

Marcia Corfield    1968-71

Sandra Wicks    1968-71

Jan Reynolds    1969-72

Jim Gordon    1971-74

Dianne Welch (née Bosely)    1977-80

David Newland    1984-87

Andrew Talbot    1987-90

John Tudor    2002-05