Preparatory Notes

The next reunion will take place on 9th May 2015.  The reunion is for all groups and more details will follow in the coming months.  Below is the latest letter sent out to the mail group by the organisers.  If you wish to be included in the mail group please email Alan Parker

Dear Bretton Mail group member.

Firstly, a date for your diary;  Saturday 9 May 2015  for the next reunion.

I have put this date in red to help remind myself as well as others about when next we all meet.  I must once again apologise to friends present at the last reunion for my mixing up the dates and managing to commit myself to another fixture.

The link to sign up and book for the evening event is

Numbers are limited for the evening meal, so an early booking for this event would be recommended.

During the Saturday afternoon, Richard Flowerday (see note below from Richard) will be leading one of his Heritage walks around the grounds and we have asked the developers to once again make a presentation about the development and progress of the Hotel/Hall.

We have also requested the use of Kennel Block for the afternoon for a drop in session, for those who can’t make the evening event and for those who can. We would invite you to bring photos of your time at Bretton and add them to our growing archive after scanning them. We will have equipment there to do this job. Hopefully, chance meetings may well take place with other ex Brettonians during this drop in session. We will be also taking names and addresses of those who wish to keep in contact, or, contact others.

We will be trying to organise evening entertainment for the Saturday evening and volunteers would be appreciated. Now that the reunion has developed into other year groups, it is far more likely that you will meet people from your own time at the college. If you wish to organise your own table, then the number per table is between eight and ten maximum. Please let us know if you wish to book a group table, otherwise it is first come first served. We will however, endeavour to make up tables of similar cohorts.

As usual, many of us will be again meeting up at the Black Bull at Midgley on the Friday evening to make a weekend of it. I will be there from about 6.30

That is all of my information for the time being, however, as things firm up, I will keep you all informed.

Note below from Richard Flowerday

Dear All

I will do my best to provide another walk round the park which will not be too repetitive for those who have been before.
From this year there will be a Heritage team and we will shortly be publishing a programme of events (one a month March to December) which will look at Bretton’s history in a bit more detail than the tours have done so far. This is perhaps something which could go out with any further newsletter/updates that you send Alan for the interest of people living more locally.

I have already heard of at least one addition to our usual group. Here we go again.

Best wishes



Last Year event

The event sounds like it went really well with a good number of attendees.  My compliments to fellow organisers and the staff of YSP for, once again, making it a great day and evening.

David has put a short report and a first batch of images up on the Alumni website, and here is the link:  Please send us your reunion photos and stories too.

So next year’s reunion will again take place at the Sculpture Park and discussion about the programme of events is now under way.  It doesn’t look likely that the Hall/Mansion will be able to be used next year as the major work on the hotel development hasn’t even started yet, but we’re keen to explore what options might be available to us.  Of course we’d love to organise another look around the Mansion building (the September 2013 tours were very popular and evocative), for instance, but this may not be feasible.  We can but try!

We’re going to be asking for your views in the coming weeks about what you thought of recent reunions and what sort of events you’d like to see over the next couple of years – or which you’d be willing to get involved in helping to organise.  Of course one of our longer-term aspirations is for a major celebratory event in the new complex, perhaps around the educational legacy of our beloved college, from Sir Alec Clegg onwards.  Anyway that’s for the future.

One idea for our 2015 event is using the upstairs of Kennel Block for the afternoon to host an informal drop in and photograph identification event.  We know there are a large number of photos etc out there of students, tutors and events from all periods that are missing names and dates.  Those of you on Facebook and other social media will know there’s always a flurry of naming when someone posts an old photo.  You may remember seeing a huge pile of drama and music department photos at the big 2007 reunion that Susan Daniels was hoping former students could help identify.  You’ll have plenty of your own too.

So we would like to invite you to come along and bring your images from your time at Bretton.  We’ll either display or scan them and invite everyone to add tags with names and dates.  When this is completed, we will post them on the alumni website and make digital copies available to the Bretton Hall Archive.  David and I feel that this would be both useful and extremely interesting for all concerned.  We could also have a bit of an informal ‘music’ session going on at the same time to get us all in the mood for the evening event.

The meal will again take place in the Sculpture Park restaurant, with the now established format.  The previous Friday evening we will also meet at The Bull for a pint or two.

After the success of this year’s tours, we’d like to make guided and unguided walks around the grounds available again.  A visit to the National Arts Education Archive building is a must too.  We’ll also invite the development partners to give us an update.

Our time of being in the Hall again WILL happen at some point, so long as we are all still drawing breath (and other things).  For the time being let’s keep what we have going strongly and look forward to seeing you all again in 2015.

Kind regards,

Alan Parker, with David Newland and Andrew Talbot


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