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Next Reunion 9th May 2015

See the first images from the 2014 Reunion

Hostel room image update – all available photos have been published for Allendale, Beaumont, Dearne, Eglington, Grasshopper, Haigh, Kings Head, Litherop, Savile, Swithen and Wentworth.

We’re still short of a few shots – if you’ve got a photo that could help please get in touch.  Find out more on each hostel page.

This website is for everyone who has been touched and inspired by the creative powerhouse that was Bretton Hall.  

The site was launched after the ‘final’ big reunion of May 2007  a few months before closure.  Please help in its construction by sending us stories, photos and memories – get in touch via the Contacts page.


We, the former students, wish to keep Bretton Hall College alive on the web and in our hearts and minds.

Perhaps, we may be able to support and help the new owners, Wakefield Council / Rushbond to develop the buildings into something that can still be involved with Education?   The Sculpture Park and grounds are of World Class Importance and it’s possible that out of the ashes of our beloved College a dynamic artistic and educational Phoenix can be created. 



This website is for all things Bretton Hall   We would like submissions from all age groups from all years.

Please help and comment as this website develops—it belongs to us all and, more importantly, that fantastic campus with all its energy, beauty and inspiration.

Please contact Alan on 01688 302 075 or tobermory at (email is not hyperlinked to avoid spam).

Please email us any images from your time at Bretton Hall.   Ensure your name and year is in each photo’s filename.

Try and size images before sending them to Alan.  Images should be no bigger than 100kb.  If you have a problem, please phone! 01688 302 075.  For the time being don’t worry, just send them in any size; we’ll put up a help file later.


Below is a video clip made about the 2007 reunion:

Latest News

Lost Friends

The website has a basic lost friends page under the Reunions heading.  Fill out the form and we will post it.  We will be careful about notifying the respondents, both for security and confidentiality.

Planning permission now complete

Planning permission is now complete to start work on the hall.  14/00712/FUL  is the reference to go to if you want to see the details.  Clearly, this has been a difficult process to get through, with the requirements to comply with a historic building of this importance.  The Hotel may be called ‘The Bretton’ or, […]

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