Allendale 2013



Allendale was originally built as a 15-room hostel, joined at the hip to Beaumont.  In later years the ground floor was knocked through to create a new suite of teaching rooms, hence the confusing layout.  It was really disorientating for some of us…

[It’s named after the Allendale family name, which the original titled family still hold.]

The photos were taken by Alan Parker, David Newland, John Morrissy and Jo Smith.

The rooms are in ascending order.  Hover to get label and click to enlarge.

  • If you were there in May 2013 do you have any photos to add?  We’re particularly keen to get a shot of the in-out board if it survived the changeover.  Please tell us via the Contacts page.


 View of the administrative block from Allendale  Allendale (left)  View of Dearne from Allendale
Allendale Allendale - outside looking towards (L-R) Dearne Wentworth Beaumont dn Allendale - from outside Beaumont jm
Allendale - outside rear view jm Allendale - with Beaumont, and beyond is Wentworth  Allendale - with Beaumont and beyond is Grasshopper jm
 Allendale 2014 - rear - note increased growth of ivy since the 2013 reunion    
Allendale - name jm Allendale - front door and name dn P1040523_13-05-2013 ap
Allendale 1 and 2 on right with 3 beyond dn P1040524_13-05-2013 ap Allendale 2 and 3 knocked through to Beaumont
P1040526_13-05-2013 ap P1040525_13-05-2013 ap Allendale 4 room b dn
Allendale 4 room a dn Allendale 4 room c dn Allendale 5 door dn
Allendale 5 room dn P1040527_13-05-2013 ap Allendale 6 door dn
 Allendale 5 room looking towards Beaumont 4 dn  Allendale 6 room dn  P1040529_13-05-2013 ap
View of Dining Room from Allendale Allendale 6 wardobe detail dn Allendale 7 door dn
Allendale 7 room dn Allendale 7 wardobe detail dn P1040531_13-05-2013 ap
Allendale 8 door dn P1040533_13-05-2013 Allendale 8 room dn
P1040534_13-05-2013 ap Allendale 9 door dn Allendale 9 room dn
P1040535_13-05-2013 ap Allendale 9 wardrobe door detail dn P1040536_13-05-2013
Allendale 10 door dn P1040538_13-05-2013 ap Allendale 10 room dn
  View of Dining Room from Allendale 10  Allendale 10 wardrobe detail a dn  Allendale 10 wardrobe detail b dn
Allendale 10 wardrobe dn Allendale 10 wardrobe detail jm Allendale 11 (yes) door dn
 Allendale 11 room dn  Allendale 12 (yes) door dn  Allendale 12 room dn
Allendale 13 door dn Allendale 13 room a dn Allendale 13 wardrobe detail dn
Allendale 14 door dn Allendale 14 room dn Allendale 14 room jm
Allendale 14 wardrobe detail dn Allendale 14 wardrobe jm Allendale 14 washbasin and window jm
Allendale 14 wardrobe detail dn Allendale 14 wardrobe detail jm View from Allendale 14
Allendale 15 door dn Allendale 15 door closeup IN dn  Allendale 15 door closeup OUT dn