2018 Reunion

Report of Reunion on 12th May


In the Saturday morning session, two groups joined Richard Flowerday and myself for guided walks and entry to the Bretton Archive, where Anna Bowman welcomed us and gave a short talk to each group.

As on the 2017 occasion, other groups of alumni from specific year groups were also meeting at the YSP for a more informal meet-up.

During the afternoon, we had a presentation as part of the NAEA Annual Lecture, by portrait artist Tom Woods, who used to lecture at Bretton and now runs the Art Academy at Redbrick Mill in Batley.

The YSP dining room was booked to capacity for the evening meal.  Two groups celebrated their 50th and 40th years of entering the Bretton community, and because of this, there were larger numbers attending.

Alan Parker



Morning Walk

Alumni assembled in the Y.S.P. main building during the morning for the customary tour of the grounds, which, on this occasion included the remains of the  various demolished buildings.   Alan Parker and Richard Flowerday each led a group of 15, who also visited the the offices of the National Arts Education Archive.

At the N.A.E.A., the senior archivist - Anna Bowman - informed visitors of the function of the organisation and talked about various exhibits.

Tony Rigby


National Arts Education Archive - 2018

National Arts Education Archive - 2018




Afternoon  Presentation





Evening Meal