The Final Curtain – 2007

Photograph by Tony Rigby - 2015

In July, 2007, Alan Parker was granted permission to make a visit to the college to take photographs before closure.   He began his tour on Bretton Hall's last day as an educational institution.  He arrived  just after the last staff had left the buildings, and before the security officials took responsibility for the site.

Alan was granted permission to make his photographic record before handing the keys to the new officials.


“I visited Bretton on Wednesday the 27th July, 2007 to take final images and to have a good ‘scout around’ to see if I could get any insight into what was going to happen after closure. 

“Susan Daniels very kindly gave me access to the buildings, and her time to go through what the position of the closure was.  Susan also went through much of the appraisal work  that had been done trying to find a viable use for the campus once it was vacated. 

“My images are purely snapshots of a very sad situation.  They are not meant to be artistic, and were done with a limited timescale. 

“I start with one very sad image of a tree planted in the front of the college as a memorial to a past student who sadly died.  It represents I think how we feel.

“All the images are ‘thumbnails’, so click to enlarge".

Alan Parker


 (All of the following photographs were taken by Alan Parker)




1  -  The Mansion






2 - Student Hostels



3 - Other Buildings


Dining Room

Dining Room



4 - Other Features Photographed on 27th July. 2007