Reunion 2017 – Report

The Reunion of 2017 took place on the 13th May 2017, again at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
Instead of the event being mainly in the evening, we invited the Alumni to attend events throughout the day.   We are not sure how many people turned up casually just to be there, but we sold over 180 of the badges.  My personal thanks to Moira Long for doing the sales and 'meet an greet'.  The weather was kind to us for the outside visits and walks around the buildings, which helped everyone to spend time talking as we went along.  One thing that you will notice, even from the images, is that the age range was very wide this year, however everyone talked and walked with people even from different generations.  As a matter of interest, our oldest participants this year were from the student years of 1953.

We have split the report into the activity sections along with the associated images.  The only part which has not been recorded was the Friday night, which was split due to the temporary closure of the Bull at Midgley.

The first event was the walk, guided by Richard Flowerday

Next, the afternoon talks held in the Sculpture Park Auditorium

Finally, the evening meal held in the Sculpture Park restaurant.

This years event was a huge success in all areas and I give my very sincere thanks to all who helped in the organisation, particularly the staff at the Sculpture Park.  It was interesting to observe the optimism and emotion towards the demolition and re building of the Hall in all its glory.  Bretton is a true Phoenix as are the Alumni.  In the words of Clifford T. Ward, 'The Best is yet to come'

I am now arranging next years event, along with our organising group.  If you wish to join in and help, then please do so by contacting me on the contact form.

See you all again next year and join us observe the final stages of the Hall and its ancillary buildings.

Alan Parker