2018 seating arrangements

Below are the draft seating arrangements for the 2018 meal, based on bookings made by 22nd March.  These are not fixed in stone and we know there are a few information gaps as not everyone noted their year, course and preferences.  The 1968 group is marking 50 years entry to Bretton celebration, so is particularly large  and they'll probably be placed on two long tables down the length of the wndows with a gap in the middle for access to the balcony.  As other groups grow in size more long tables could be used instead of the usual round ones.  As more people book tickets and give their preferences, we will update this plan.

Please help us fill in the gaps by sending your info or requests to David Newland – brettonhallalumni@hotmail.com by close of play on Friday 27th April 2018.

Firstly, the attendees in years: 

1950s / early 1960s:
(Round table)
Derek  Andrews 1952-54
Margott Andrews 1952-54
Danny Flowers (Savage) 1961-64
Brenda Jones 1961-64
Jo Need (Bradbury) 1961-64
Tony Rigby 1961-64
 Late 1960s / early 1970s:
(Round table)
Annie Channing-Williams (Long) 1966-69
Richard Flowerday 1966-70
Ann Flowerday (Davis) 1966-70
Duncan Oxley 1966-69
Alan Parker 1968-71
David Roberts 1968-71
Jan Roberts 1968-71
David Rust 1966-69
Jayne  Kennedy 1966-69
Rosie Afferson 1966-69

Late 1960s / early 1970s:
(First long table)
Trevor Dickenson 1968-71
Brenda Dickenson (Coulson) 1968-71
Dave Edwards 1968-71
Jean Edwards (Holmes) 1968-71
Terry Tunnard 1968-71
Elizabeth Tunnard (Cassin) 1968-71
Drew Elliot 1969-72
Janet Elliot (Smith) 1969-72
John Stones 1968-71
Dawn Stones (Hall) 1968-71
Janet Daniels (Cox) 1968-71
David Daniels 1968-71
Diane  Butterfield (Harris) 1968-72
Kath Richardson (Sutcliffe) 1968-72
Lynne Dutton (Ralph) 1970-71
Jeremy Dutton 1970-71
Susan Gidman (Batcheler) 1968-72
Susan Daniels 1987-07
Jan Sayer (Reynolds) 1968-71
(Second long table)
Marie Abbott  
Pamela Baumforth
Margaret Bolderson 1968
Moira Ferguson  
Betsy Green  
Jo Habib  
Ric  Jerrom  
Anni Marjoram  
Paul Nolan  
Andy Rashleigh  
Debbie Tebbutt  
John Wood
Cath Allwood 1968-71
Mike Procter 1968-71  
Richard Keys 1967-70
Gilly Harrison 1968-72
Christine Jones 1968-72
Moira  Long 1968-71
David Sing 1968-72
Keith Davies 1971-74

1978: (Penny’s 40 years group)
(Round table)
Penny McDonald (Haigh) 1975-78
Malcolm McDonald 1975-78
Linda Wayman 1975-78
Martin Wayman 1975-78
Carolyn Kenvyn 1975-78
Maggie Balfe 1975-78
Sarah Fletcher 1975-78
Nigel Wooler 1976-79
Linda Wooler (McKiernan) 1975-78

Late 1970s / Early 1980s:
(Round table)
Robert Greef 1982-85
Rachel Greef (Masey) 1982-85
Celia Lord (Greatorex) 1981-84
Karen Jones 1981-84
Carol Thompson (Malison) 1981-85
Catherine Barker (Weeks) 1981-85
Amrit Kaur
Lesley Cochrane (Coker) 1976-80
Sonia Blandford 1976-80

Late 1980s:
(Round table)
Marilyn Everett-Jones 1984-90
Jane Horner 1988-92
David Newland 1984-89
Kate Pike 1986-89
Tim Pike 1986-89
Caroline Paing 1984-88
Carol Pont (Gill) 1984-88

1988: (Jenny's 30 years group)
Kings Head
(Round table)
Jenny Smith (Price) 1985-88
Francesca Deacy (Meadway) 1985-88
Sarah Telfer (Hasnip) 1985-88
Elizabeth Fallon 1985-88
Andrew Talbot 1987-90
Kathryn Smith 1985-89
Bridget Mair 1985-89
David Greenhalgh 1985-88
Clare Potts 1985-88