Walk in the Park 23rd May 2021

A Walk in the Park

Hi All,

Just an update about the meetup day at Bretton on Sunday 23rd May. We have had a medium response and I will not now be ‘Billy no mates’. Any Talbot has also been collecting names together

Quite a few people don’t really want to commit and coming along will be dependent on the weather and other circumstances.

Anyway, here are the people who will be there regardless.

Andy Talbot,

Drew Elliot, 1969

Richard Flowerday,

Jayne Elliot

John Barnes BA dramatic arts 1984-88

Sally- Anne Lewis BEd 1980-83

Donald Craig 1957-1959

Jackie Thornton (previously Noble) 1969-72, 1975-6.

Robin Benie Science 1966 – 69

Jean and Dave Edwards 68-71

Shelagh Johnson1956-1958

Rachel Benaim i am from cohort 1992-1995. I studied english with drama and would like to meet but cannot really walk more than 100 yards as now have multiple sclerosis. Would happily sit in cafe.

Anne Trowsdale Early years, 84-88,

Gareth Webb 1991-1994 Theatre Arts.

Keith Davies (1971 – 74)

Jacqueline Marron 88-91 Drama,

Alan Bates 86-89 Drama,

David Sing 68-71 Art

Marilyn Everrett-Jones 83-86 Theatre

Gill FranklandĀ  (Gill Nelson 1971-74 Music)
Liz Tunnard (Cassin 1968-71)
Kath Richardson (Sutcliffe 1968-71
Diane Woolven
Kath Cadle nee Ratcliffe 1968-1971 Art

The tricky bit is how to meet up without causing a crowd. I am suggesting the following:

I will stand outside of the main door to the Sculpture Park building at 10am, 12pm, and 2pm. I will take names and dates at Bretton for anyone interested. I will give my phone number out and also phone others if you leave yours.

I propose lunch at 12.30 for anyone up in the restaurant, so that we can organise meetups.

Don’t forget to book your car into the carpark!


I’m the one in the middle and Andy Talbot is pictured right.